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A lesson from discussion of Ukraine-Russia War with CIA panels

In some sense, Putin might worry about the Russian people’s sentiment turned to NATO like desiring becomes members of NATO. However, another assumption is Putin launched an attack on Ukraine with his calculation by using relatively strong military forces.

Still, it seems to be clear Putin is in big trouble from economic sanctions and internal protests–lacking interest in the invasion of Ukraine. Further, it is questionable Putin would get credit from their citizen if even he achieved his goal of total invasion of Ukraine following severe protesting from Ukraine and Russia.

In conclusion, regardless of the consequences, the war of Ukraine-Russian has quite risks whether it causes World War 3 or generates ongoing violence with chemical or nuclear weapons. Also, now is a pivotal moment in international relations since 21 century. However, strengthening the alliance between the U.S and the Western union will prevent China’s intervention and further world threats.

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