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Gong Joo chestnut cafe

Our family drove to Gong Joo depart 20 minutes-long from Sejong.

When we arrived at Gong Joo, it suddenly rained.

The cafe’s name was “Gong Joo chestnut cafe.”

It’s been a while since to see rain and there was a refreshing cool breeze.

We hurriedly entered the cafe that opened early in the morning to quickly escape the rain.

Five or more employees were diligently making Chestnut Pie (See dark brown pie picture below) in a small space.

Chestnut is a specialty of Gong Joo and the chestnut Pie in the cafe was being shipped all over Korea early in the morning.

We enjoyed chestnut Pie and Pandora (See the picture of bread sprinkled with sugar powder).

The aroma of chestnut melts in my mouth.

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