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LongD cafe

Gem River is the vein of the central region that runs through Gong Joo and Sejong City. Along the river, large and small cafes lined up.

We went to the restaurant for lunch and came across “Long D” Cafe. The cafe has a two-story structure and ample space.

There were various homemade breads in the center of the cafe and an artificial pond near the right corner.

Sarah, who liked the water, was staring out at an artificial pond for a long time and didn’t move.

We ordered a 30cm-long bread with fresh milk cream and two cups of coffee made with sour and nutty beans.

We went up to the second floor and ate food while looking at the mountain where the Geum River flows.

This is what everyday happiness is all about. All I need for happiness is hot coffee, a slice of bread, and people.

Here is the Instagram of Long D cafe and related the shopping site of Gong Joo’s specialty.

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