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Nvoim-online learning platform

I joined Nvoim, an online English learning brand in South Korea. Specifically, I applied to the planner of the Nvoim program.

Nvoim was organized by Philiianinno and other foreign English tutors based on the internet-screen class platform.

The characteristic of the Nvoim program compared with other English learning programs is the planner’s role.

The most web-based learning program has a structure that connects to the teacher directly without the learning couch.

But Nvoim emphasized the role of the planner in accelerating learners’ progress.

Also, the planner follows a network marketing structure that gets incentives from team performance, which is additional income from personal sales. This income structure is attractive because it generates passive income.

Here is the Nvoim website: www.nvoim.com

Nvoim Contacts (English program/Planner business): (+82)106850 2378 / rdmaker@gmail.com

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