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KTX heading to Yongsan

It was a hot day around 30 degrees Celsius and I was fully wet by sweat within 10 minutes outside.

I took a KTX to go to Shinsa(located south of Han River in Seoul) for a job interview. It seems like I am going there after a year, so this move was special.

I was so excited to go Shinsa(near Kang Nam) area after a long time.

The train stops by Asan, Kwang myung, and arrives at Yongsan.

I enjoyed the screen passing swiftly over the window.

Suddenly the phrase comes to my mind, “What life is leaving.”

Related Bible verse is “Then the LORD said to Moses, “Leave this place, you and the people you brought up out of Egypt…” (Exodus 33:1, NIV).

Asan station
Kwang Myung station
Yongsan station and Han river
The outside has seen over the window in KTX.

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