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What is memoQ? (2)

To start a new translating project, you may click “New Project” in the memoQ Home.

Broadly, there are types of language in memoQ that are source and target. So, for example, you set English as the source language and Italian as the target language when you translate into Italian.

After setting out the file name, source, and target language, you assign the memories to a translation and term base.

The new project is ready to fill with the source file by unique assigning work.

On the memory, you import the file, which is a subject file of translation (Choose “with structure” for a folder or “with options” for a file).

Using an EXCEL file, you must designate columns referring to source and target language.

These are basic processes for starting a new project in the memoQ. Once you create the file, you can see the total words and statistic results.

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