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Gong walled mountain fortress

It was damp and less hot weather today.

Our family went to Gong Joo to climb Gong walled mountain fortress.

Right after getting to Gong Joo, we had late breakfast at a Korean-traditional building restaurant

We eat Black Ginseng Short Rip Soup. The black Ginseng is made by boiling 8 times. And the soup(made from ox’s bones) was homely.

Then, we move to the HARU cafe selling chestnut Mochi and Ice cream.

After having dessert, in the end, we started to climb to Gong walled mountain fortress.

I couldn’t go all trekking route because Sarah fell asleep. But I could enjoy the fresh air and beautiful birds singing.

HARU cafe
Choco & vanilla ice cream
Going walled mountain fortress
The entrance of Gong fortress

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