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Won-Soo Mountain

We are towering September in 2022, but the weather is still Summer, 87.8 degrees Fahrenheit in Sejong, South Korea.

I needed to sweat, wetting out my dried body hardened to the A/C for long days this Summer.

So my wife found an easy mountain, Won-Soo, that all family members could climb. The Won Soo Mountain is placed outside Sejong city in South Korea, including beautiful walking trails and playgrounds.

We bought some beverages and bread at the MAMA BREAD near the mountain’s entrance.

The climbing path was steeper than I thought, but the sound of birdsong and the smell of grass were exceptional.

I took a selfie in the middle of Won Soo Mountain when Sarah(1) felt tired, so she wanted to be carried.

We rested and had food under the top of the mountain, but we couldn’t stay longer due to the hot weather.


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