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How to write a top-notch product review

Product review for affiliate marketing is the essence, and it became an independent industry for a decade.

For the top-notch review, there are several strategies. 

First, place the affiliate link appropriately on your web. I recommend you check whether the links are relevant to your post before publishing.

Second, write a product review as concisely as possible. Generally, readers don’t want to spend much time reading a product review without its pros and cons, including core features and benefits.

Third, the information on comparison with similar products should be contained in the review to consider cost before purchasing the product.

Fourth, put the direct or indirect product experience as natural as possible. Most customers tend to buy based on trust concerning the seller, so they want to get a trustable indirect product experience from you. 

Fifth, research the product as much as detail. You can get the resources of the product such as its history, producer, features, keywords on the web, and consensus.

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