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Successful Life—Regular Physical Exercise

Two weeks ago, I struggled with Covid 19 after getting positive test results. The first three days during the quarantine were most painful through body aches caused by strong cold symptoms. Though I relied on the effectiveness of prescription drugs, in the end, I felt that the matter was my immunity.

So, as a preventive measure against other diseases, I chose regular physical exercise. 

Here are the benefits of regular physical exercise.

First, exercise maintains your ideal weight, preventing obesity or underweight.

Second, it lowered high blood pressure causing heart attacks and diseases.

Third, exercise makes you feel good. Physical activities stimulate various brain chemicals–relaxing, and less anxiety.

Fourth, it enhances your energy, sex life, and sleep. Building muscle and enhancing endurance via exercise makes physical work easier.

Lastly, exercise makes personal and social life enjoyable. Doing exercise gives people enjoyment, and sometimes it turns into a social game along with family or friends.

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