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How To Earn Money—Guide to passive income

Everyone knows that passive income guide people to financial freedom. So let me get straight to the passive income methods in this post.

Giving value is the basic concept to generate income, even in passive income. Based on this, the point of passive income is not constrained by time. For example, your digital products uploaded online are delivered to your customer anytime, and putting money on stocks or index funds gives you a return without physical labor.

There are four ways to generate passive income. Making a Youtube video and Podcast that monetize by paid membership and Ads is the easiest way to generate revenue. Still, you must recruit subscribers at least 1,000, including 4,000 hours of watch time on Youtube, and need around 1,000 downloads per episode in Podcast. In addition, being an affiliate marketer is another way to generate passive income. Also, it requires 8,000 visitors to your site to earn $100 a month. Lastly, selling digital content such as ebooks and online course that requires 28 students to generate $100 a month is a great way to create passive income.

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