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Successful You—Controlling Anger

Anger makes people lose everything causing regret. However, there are some strategies to control your anger before it explodes.

First, Count down. Your heart rate will slow down when you start the count numbers from 1 to 100.

Second, take a deep breath. One of the characteristics, when you get angry is breathing fast, so you need to breathe from the nose and exhale out of your mouth several times.

Third, go for a walk or exercise. Physical activity calms the nerve down and regains body rhythm by pumping your limbs.

Fourth, play a tune that can calm you down and make your feel better.

Fifth, Give you a break. Getting angry meant being hyper-obsessed with someone or a problem. Set aside from the source of anger and take care of yourself.

Lastly, utilize your heightened emotions and energy for good things. This savvy strategy would transform the negative energy into productive action.

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