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Beautiful Journey–Italy(1)

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is a landmark in Florence and one of the biggest cathedrals of the early 13 century.

History—The citizen of Florence built a cathedral to publicize the importance of the city. The construction has been continued for over 100 years, and Brunelleschi finished it by adding a dome at the top of the cathedral.

Viewing Points—You would focus on three main points in the cathedral—architecture, artwork, and mosaics. The exterior design shows a medieval Gothic style with intricate designs.

Dome—The dome is the heart of the cathedral and has numerous 463 steps to climb.

Giotto’s Bell Tower—Giotto’s Bell tower, the most beautiful campanile in Italy, was regarded as representative of gothic architecture in the 14 century.

Entrance Ticket—You can buy an entrance ticket package online for €44.65 to €47. Here’s the link to the ticket purchase. http://bit.ly/3iN1TSL

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