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Successful You—Breeding excellent communication skills.

Communication skill is a foremost driver for success.

3 Factors to upgrade your communication skill

1. Active listening
Remember, communication is not an outlet of your message but rather the process of exploring another’s world via words, feeling, and gestures. So pay hyper-attention when others are trying to speak out.

2. Making changes to your speech
Have you ever fallen asleep while other people were talking? Monotonous speaking is the worst when communicating. It would be best if you tried to differentiate your voice with speed up and down, raising or lowing tone, stress, and repetition.

3. Monitoring proper time to communicate
Seizing the right time increases communication success. It would help to consider others’ feelings and attitudes before reaching out.

Reference: https://www.waldenu.edu/programs/communication/resource/how-to-be-an-effective-communicator-in-7-easy-steps

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