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How do we view different ethnic groups from a biblical perspective?

Right Perspective on various ethnic groups

In the Scripture, we can find the answer to that question. Two modern ethnic groups, Jew and Arab, with the same ancestor, Abraham, have been intertwined for a long time. Regardless of hostility and feelings of hatred, the truth is that they have lived together. The correct perspective they might have is that they see each other as a family.

Constant conflict 

We see major and minor groups have been struggling all throughout the Bible. However, we found out that eventually, the majority carnal group was led by the small and weak spiritual group.

God’s Plan

Do you believe God is in control? Although knowing all of God’s mysterious plans is hard enough, we may know God led his small, faithful people into large communities who were against God in the Bible. That’s why we shouldn’t be prejudiced against people whose cultures and ideas are not related to God.


Jacob and Esau, in the end, reconciled in the last scene, and it echoed God’s purpose of restoration for All People. The social conflict between the different ethnic groups is only solvable by loving one another, which is one of God’s commands.


The story of Jacob and Esau, the twins, tells us how we treat other people by loving and respecting them as a family with God’s heart, even if they are unfriendly people or different races with no resemblance.

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