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How to Earn Money—Adding Affiliate Links

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to apply online marketing to your site.

Making anchor text

You must make critical sentences called anchor text, including affiliate links, for effective affiliate marketing.


Using a graphic is more effective in persuading customers. So, by using a widget, update your files, such as sidebar.php or footer.php.

Utilizing your social media, blog, web, and famous affiliate sites

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, and WordPress are good channels where your affiliate marketing has been implemented.

Posting affiliate product

Make a single new page on your web, and add a short and clear description of a product with an indication of affiliate blogging at the bottom. Also, note that only add a few links to one post.

Inserting Link

Make sure your link stands out after inserting anchor text or HTML code. Also, use Bitly or Hootsuite to shorten your long link address when you paste the link directly on your website.

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