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Successful You—Forgive yourself.

All people are imperfect, so they make mistakes. However, criticizing your mistakes will sabotage your ability and make you feel down.

4 Things you should know before forgiving yourself

Shifting Paradigm
By the way, you can reframe the mistake as the learning process is helpful so that you can start to forgive yourself.

Accepting your emotion and mistakes
The first step of forgiving yourself is acknowledging your emotions like anger, guilt, shame, sadness, and mistakes by observing your inner heart, and also, you need to touch them with kindness and compassion.

Observing your inner critic voices
Taking out negative inner voices helps diagnose problems and find solutions.

Working on correcting your negative voice
Once you write down your negative voices, you must correct them to the positive sentences on the opposite side of the paper as the next step.

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