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Beautiful Journey—Israel (3)

Bethlehem is located in the West Bank, where Jesus was born and David was crowned as king of Israel, So Bethlehem is called the city of David.


Every year, around the Christmas season, a thousand travelers, including holy land pilgrims, visit Bethlehem. 

Historic Sites

There is the oldest church in Bethlehem which was built by Constantine’s mother, Helena, in the 4th century, later reconstructed by the emperor Justinian I due to the damage caused by Samaritan.

Way to Go

You can access Bethlehem by bus(Arab bus No.21 departing from East Jerusalem every day) or taxi(available for rent by pricing in advance). 

Travel Safety

Palestinian authorities’ travel security is high, so the risk factor is low.

Reference: https://bit.ly/3W8xYml

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