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Beautiful Journey—Virginia (3)

Mount Trashmore Park is made of two artificial mountains from a landfill surrounded by Windsor and Trashmore rivers.

4 Things to enjoy in Trashmore Park


There are many walking trails in the park, including fun stairs that lead to the tops of the mountain. The steps are decorated with murals.


There are skate spaces equipped with ramp armor, available for skateboarders, inline skaters, and BMX bikers to enjoy.


Trashmore Park has the Kids Cove Playground, which had built on rubber surfaces. Also, it has rock walls and other climbing equipment on the other side.


You can catch largemouth bass, sunfish, and white perch with a fishing license permitted only at land in Trashmore lake, known as a place where various fish live.

Reference: http://bit.ly/3Htq2rY

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