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Successful You—Healthy boundary in a Relationship

The absence of boundaries in relationships can cause problems and damage your self-esteem.

5 Things you should know about boundaries in a relationship

Why is the boundary needed?

Simply put, a boundary means an individual wall that poses a stronghold to maintain a balanced and healthy relationship with others, and also, it protects your values and ego from others’ infringement.

Physical boundaries

Physical space belonging to you is a critical boundary that must be protected, not intruded upon by others.

Physical boundaries

You have a right to be respected and your emotion maintained healthy. In order to do that, you can set emotional boundaries to protect yourself not being controlled by others’ bad feelings.

Physical boundaries

If someone misuses or habitually takes your materials or money, you need to set material/financial boundaries and set firm rules and limits between them.

Adjusting boundaries by communication and negotiation.

Personal boundaries are not static and can be readjusted for constructive purposes.

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