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WALKING WITH GOD—Finding a Vision from God

Joseph had gotten a vision in a dream from God. I found the principle God showed his vision to people who are beloved by Him. Then can you find the vision given to you by God?

4 Keys to finding a vision from God

Reflect on how God has led you so far.

Do you believe God is leading you even now on purpose? If it is, you can find clues about how God did lead you in the past.

Examine the past with commonality and timeline

To look through your past, I recommend you make timelines so that you easily find the commonalities that become a takeaway to assume what God’s vision will happen in your life. 

Think about the future-based question

The vision might not be clear only by reflecting on the past, so, in advance, try to ask yourself future-based questions like: 

  • What does God really want to achieve through me in the future?
  • How will God lead me according to the purpose for which I was created?

Ask God humbly by dedicating your obedience and trust

As you depend on God, the vision will be clearer for you. Remember, the key to understanding vision is not from you but from God. Try to ask God’s help to find the vision that has purposed for you.

Reference: https://www.faithward.org/how-to-discover-gods-vision-for-your-life/

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