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Successful You—How to Overcome Financial Difficulties

The financial difficulties are attributed to an individual, not a bad economy. Any economic situation could not be problematic if you have healthy finances—low debt, enough savings, stagnant active and passive income, and extra cash.

In my case, I often faced financial difficulties during my 20s and 30s. But, strangely, I didn’t know why such financial problems occurred to me repeatedly. So, I tried to find the reason why economic challenges happened.

4 Key Factors to Tackle Financial Difficulty

Wrong Spending Pattern
You know the basic principle is spending less than earning. However, you might forget it by spending habits based on credit, not budget. Take time to look up your monthly bills to see whether there is an unnecessary expenditure.

Downsizing Debt as possible as you can
Analyze the list of debt you owe, then make a repayment plan for the highest interest rate debt.

Increasing a Savings for Tough Times
Saving is a habit, not a money skill, so you must set aside some money for rainy days from your income before spending.

Limiting spending with planning, and budgeting
No budget leads to the temptations of overspending and shopping addiction, and in the end, it ruins your future happy life and financial safety.

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