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How to Earn Money—Investing Global Real Estate

Where is a great property and market if you want to invest in global real estate? Importantly, you need up-to-date information about tax and profitability on targeted property.

3 Basic Points for Starting Global Real Estate Investment

Finding Stable Location

A stable and best location always brings higher prices and generates positive cash flow. Also, the stable site should be robust in market growth, job market, home values, and rental rates. 

Low Risk

Long-term and short-term rental properties are low-risk investments. However, long-term properties need ongoing management to get steady cash flow. Also, short-term properties such as Airbnb invested in heavy people traffic near attractions. 

Comparing Global Properties by Dollar 

You can compare the value of global real estate by dollar and price per square meter (m2). For example, the compare the market shows real estate comparison data statistics for each country in the dollar.

Reference: https://youtu.be/f8aNV4zquMw

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