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Successful You—How to Win an Argument

We often get an arguments in business. But, for a productive debate, you need to know some tips that lead you to get dominant positing against your counterpart.

6 Strategies to win an argument

Control Your Temper
Maintaining your temper as calm is critical in an argument, so you will win if you make your counterpart lose their temper.

Fact, Fact, and Fact
A claim based on facts has persuasive power in the argument. So, it would be best to gather facts through surveys, statistics, and quotes before getting into a fight.

Utilize Questions
A savvy question that can provoke and overthrow others in an argument is a great weapon leading to winning.

Build Your Logic
Building a line of logic around facts is an effective way to subdue your foe.

Listen, then find the Weakness and Flaws of the Counterpart.
Listening helps you to avoid mistakes and strengthen your logic by catching out of others’ points, weaknesses, and flaws.

Win Win is the ideal result in an argument rather than win-lose or lose-win. So get an open mind and consider alternative ways to compromise.

Reference: https://bit.ly/3G1ubCc

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