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How to Earn Money—UserTesting

User Testing is a human observation platform that collects customer resources and provides feedback to mega companies such as Facebook, Ford, Adobe, and Walmart.

Get Paid

UserTesting provides free sign-up for 18 and up users. Once your practice test is approved after signing up, you are permitted as a representative tester and get paid as much as you get testing by Paypal.

Being Tester

Once you take a task with a headset or microphone in a quiet place, you will receive questions that divide into three kinds—Usability Testing, Eye Tracking, and Interviews and Focus Group, which regards quantitative or qualitative research on screen by a real person. Also, the result of your tasks will be evaluated by UX experts. 

Tip for Tesk

  • Be specific and clear: Your specific and straightforward answer to questions will be successful in any question.
  • Read the instruction carefully with a loud voice: 
  • Understand the process of usability test: usability test is a critical part of the whole process in UserTesting.

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