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Successful You—How to be a Bestseller Author

The annual income of the top bestselling authors ranges from $16 million to $90 million. So then, how can we be bestselling authors like them? Here are things you should know to be a bestselling author.

6 Things Lead You to Bestselling Author

What it takes 

Marketing and promotion as essential skills determine your success as a bestselling author.

Know your prospective audiences

It is critical to focus on prospective audiences if you want to sell your book faster so that your content and angle will meet their needs.

Choosing the way of publishing

You might choose methods to publish your boob by self-publishing or traditional publisher, and self-publishing is recommended if you want to publish in a short time after finishing the manuscript.

Get long-term perspective

People say the sales of the first two weeks determine whether your book gets enormous success, but the early sales record does not guarantee your permanent success as an author.

Reaching out to experts.

There is good news if you need help to proceed with your publishing. That means you can contact experts or teams to help with your publishing.

Manage your follower than promoting a new book

The most purchasing decision has derived from your fan who consistently read your writing, not new content.

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