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Creating Value—Rich Philosophy

How do you define rich, and what do you know about becoming rich? Of course, the answers will be unlike depending on the people. But at least the mindset and habits could be similar.

Four Characteristics of a Rich Mindset

Change your question from “How to get” to “What to give.”
Pursuing materials or something signals you, “I’m still needy.” Instead, try to do conditioning like “I’m already got what I want, so I’ am focusing on how I contribute.”

Updating your knowledge
The big difference between successful people and not is their knowledge. It means one little new knowledge can change your life. So be humble and dare to decide to be a lifetime learner.

Cultivate confidence
A wealthy mindset does not depend on how much money you have but is a matter of your confidence.

Prepare big vessel
If you want to make a lot of money, open a big store or big platform. That meant a rich mindset is a matter of the size of your action and thinking.

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