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Beautiful Journey—Spain#3—Barcelona

Why is Barcelona so special? Barcelona has values in architecture, cuisine, nature, art, and music.


Various architecture, from Gothic to Gaudi’s modern structures, are placed in Barcelona, along with monuments and sculptures. 

Antonio Gaudi 

Antonio Gaudi is a famous Catalan architect in Barcelona who was the leader of the Art Nouveau movement and left seven works: Güell Park(Garden complex), Güell Palace(Palace residence of the Güell family), Casa Milà-La Pedrera(The most Popular modernist building), Casa Vicens(Gaudi’s first masterpiece and residence), the Nativity facade, and La Sagrada Família(Church), Casa Batlló(Old conventional house), and the crypt of Colònia Güell(Unfinished building). Fortunately, Gaudi tours are marketed with over 140 tours with fast track and tower climb options, so you need to choose what tour is suitable for your appetite.

La Sagrada Família

La Sagrada Família, the church, is considered the best work in Gaudi’s architecture. Interestingly, the church’s construction has been ongoing since 1882. Also, Gudi was deeply involved in the structure after he was commissioned to build it after Francisco de Paula del Vilar in 1883. So, we can see his unique geometric style combined Gothic with curvilinear Art Nouveau forms in La Sagrada Familia.


You can buy tickets for Gaudi’s works online with free cancellation within 24hr.

Reference: https://www.globotreks.com/destinations/10-gaudi-buildings-barcelona/

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  1. Jane Lurie

    Love Barcelona, especially for the incredible architecture. Gaudi especially!

    1. Timothy Kang

      Hi Jane! Thank you for your comment! You’re right! His architecture is fantastic and gives many people new ideas for different jobs.

  2. Rebecca Cuningham

    Hope you’ll read my articles on Barcelona too. Thanks for the follow!

    1. Timothy Kang

      Hi Rebecca! I am going to read your article on Barcelona today. I am so excited to see your experience.

      1. Rebecca Cuningham

        Thanks, Timothy. Look forward to your comments.

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