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Lord will fight for you

I get peace of mind when I read a part of Exodus 14, “The LORD will fight for you.” Do you know how strong you are when you stay in peace? I often feel happy when my mind remains at peace.

Peace is also critical for mental health so we can be cured of physical or mental diseases with peace of mind. Sometimes, peace has changed as a weapon to break through any fight around us.

Let me ask you something, what kind of battle are you fighting? Is it personal addiction, financial problems, or conflict with people?

As I mentioned above, God may say, whatever serious battle you are in, “I will fight for you instead of you.” Even human efforts and solutions to win the battles are practical, but it is difficult to win all fight that has to happen in people’s life by them.

If you believe God loves you, you may understand why God will fight for you in any battle. Further, you can start a courageous and passionate life, not worrying about the future, conflicts, and threats because God protects and guides you.

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