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The Road to Wealth #1–Productive Mindset

How do we make progress in our daily life? I want to share what I realized on this thread. The point that I am going to share in this post is getting a mindset of investment.

What does the mindset of investing mean? It is about changing your concept from spending to investing.

Let me ask you something. How do you spend a day? 

For example, I usually spend money on food, gifts, education, and taxes daily. Also, I spend time with family, friends, and clients daily. 

But applying the investment concept to that, I would say that I invested in health, relationship, profession, and intellectual skills daily or I contribute to the community, organization, society, country, and world daily.

Again, the bottom line is to change your mindset with investing, not spending, then you will consider your daily activities in different ways so that you finally create more productivity in your life.

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