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Walking with God-Dwelling in our midst

God ordered Isralites to make a tabernacle according to His instruction. The inside of the tabernacle is a place where God is dwelling. Also, God instructed Isralites how to make the ark of the testimony, a mercy seat, and cherubim.

I pondered why God did order such a creation and guessed those works shift our interests into His presence. So, what I found as my conclusion in Exodus 25 is that God invites us to his plan and interests, which is not like our matters and earthly concerns.

If you are in chaos with any concerns, pause your fast move. Then, listen to what God is instructing and order you for his plan. That point gives you peace out of your daily concerns and pains such as financial, relationship, health problems, etc.

Again, God controls your life and calls you into His holy works. So your problem will be solved when you shift your interest into God’s matter because He can solve all your problems and already knows your circumstances and what you need.

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