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Walking with God-Staying In Peace

Worrying ruin our peace of mind and brings us nothing. Contrary, peace comes when we believe God will guide us. Life is too short if you spend your time worrying. So wisdom is saving time and using the time for valuable.

Somebody worries about the future but doesn’t know who holds the tomorrow. God knows and controls tomorrow. In the Bible, Israelites were concerned about their daily life in the desert because there was no food in the dried land, but God prepared Manna for them every day so they would not be killed by hunger.

Therefore, we may confess like this, “My life is in your hand, Lord, and I would not be worrying about anything.” Even if things do not work and look bad, God is working behind the scenes. So, you would replace worrying with faith.

Remember this; God will make a way in your life and change the situation to possible.

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