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Walking with God—God will help you.

Everyone needs help from God or people because we can’t live alone and overcome life’s hardships by ourselves.

I want to share my story of when I was broke. Recently I lost all my funds due to cryptocurrency investment by fraud. So, I couldn’t tell my family about my circumstance, and I suffered from worries and concerns for a few days. Everything looked hopeless, and I didn’t have the money to pay my credit card payment and bills immediately.

At that time, only I could pray to God, like, “Lord, help me from a financial accident, I am on the verge of death, and I have no ideas what to do, but I believe that you will lead me to a better way.”

After a few painful days, I could borrow big money from my mom to overcome my debt and got to know someone willing to help me sincerely. The new people also advised me on how to start a successful derivative investment to regain my lost money.

I could say life can be tough with any challenging events in my experience, but ultimately, I figured out God led me the better way through hardship, causing strengthening faith and mental power.

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