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Walking with God-The Meaning of Suffering

If you trust in God, there must be a God’s will in suffering. For example, God allowed pain and suffering to Jesus for many lives even though Jesus asked God to avoid the pain and suffering.

We can make sure suffering is part of God’s will if we are getting close to God after pain and suffering. Then, the feeling of suffering soon turns into the feeling of love as mothers feel love after the pain of childbirth.

Suffering gives us intimate experiences with God, which could not get an easy life. Further, we will learn to lean on God sincerely in a close relationship.

As you are close to God, you will know you are walking with Him, a real journey.

Suffering has two purposes in God’s perspective: getting testimonies and restoring a relationship with God. This positive approach to suffering helps us to view our circumstances as part of a blessing from God in an unperfect world.

So, I suggest you utilize your suffering to be close to God as much as possible until the storm disappears. If you do so, you realize that suffering is never fearful and dreadful to kill you; instead, it is discipline to strengthen you in Christ to get more valuable rewards from God.

Again, you never fear suffering because God already knows your situation and encourages you like you are rich in God who can overcome hardships.

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