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The Healthy Life-Self-Forgiveness

Self-forgiveness is critical to moving forward by having a positive self-image. Contrary, a negative self-image will ruin your future and potential if you blame and criticize your past mistakes or failures.

Forgiveness can cause peace in any relationship while eliminating hostile feelings. Specifically, self-forgiveness is changing the ego’s attitude from punishing to accepting.

Then, what things impede self-forgiveness?

The things against self-forgiveness are trauma, guilt, regret, and shame.

First, trauma which constantly reminds of wrongdoing, mistakes, and personal limitations, is one of the hindrances to forgiving oneself, causing a pessimistic worldview and low self-esteem.

Secondly, regret is the feeling of bad and sorry about unexpected outcomes, so it plays a role in obstructing forgiving oneself.

Lastly, shame is a bad subjective feeling of self by comparing oneself to others.

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