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Walking with God—Pain and Sufferings

I have got a lot of testimonies from God in my life.

God helped me in finance unexpectedly and dramatically when I was in the midst of broke and financially hard times.

So, I want to remind and consider the mysterious God’s ways to lead and guide me.

In my experience, God always chose the dramatic way that I never expected as a miracle though I was so painful until receiving His favor.

I wanted to complain to God about why didn’t help me as soon as possible before facing hardship. However, regardless of my request, God finally allowed me to the pain and hard times.

One thing I could understand the reason why God allowed me the pain and hard times in finance was that maybe it was God’s training for me.

As a reference, Jesus says, “If anyone wants to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:24).

Looking back to the life of Jesus, He took the pains and sufferings according to God’s will as part of the mission.

So, I found the value of hard times such as darkness through Jesus’ life. Therefore, I have decided to never regret my painful times in finance because I think that was a part of God’s ways leading me into righteous paths.

I can say the values of broken hearts, sorrows, pains, sufferings, failures, losses, misfortune, broken relationships, and all bad things make us grow and strengthen like purified gold and stronger soldier.

My conclusion on pain and suffering is that God trains and rectifies you in the right ways because God loves his children as always.

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