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The Road to Wealthy—The profitable website(1)

Building up a profitable website, it takes 2 or 3 years usually. Also, consistent daily research will get insight and ideas to change your website to be optimized and profitable.

Before mentioning the content of your website, I want to tell you the importance of web hosting, which guides your website listed on the internet. One of the optimized web hosting companies “Bluehost,” is recommendable to choose your first web hosting service.

Blue host provides a web hosting service with a 1-year free domain and SSL certificate at a reasonable price. Once you choose the web hosting plan, you can set the domain name among the searched available terms, and “.com” is recommendable if you plan to start a business with your blog or website.

Specifically, the domain name would be nice if it is simple, including one or two keywords, and your business-related.

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