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The Road to Wealthy—The profitable website(2)

Web-based work is connected to the process of computer programing. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is one of the main languages that affect your website directly to text and image content.

As a comprehensive system of web-based content, Content Management System (CMS) was made, and Word Press is one of the CMS mainstream.

WordPress has two options that are WordPress.com(limited customization) and WordPress.org (unlimited customization with Plugin, which is groups of additional codes).

Once you have decided to start your website, you must consider three factors—the domain name, hosting, and theme.

The domain name represents your brand and the keyword of your business, and it would be better if the URL is as possible as short (Recommended domain shop: Go daddy).

Also, optimized hosting enables customers to navigate your website smoothly without any interruption and late loading times.

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