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The Road to Success—Think Big

Thinking big is a process of seeing the future from a long perspective. It can start with small ideas and develop into a vision leading to appropriate actions. The vision is made by not just your goal or project but also your imagination surpassing your limitation. Intentionally, it would help if you tried new work, projects that have never been done before, somewhat challenging yourself. Once you build up your vision, you must transform it into a plan, including attainable goals. Also, to achieve its goal, break the plan into smaller ones. Achieving a vision takes time, so you should ask and share your project as much as possible to shorten the day of completion. It means you need good people around you to support your vision. Sometimes you may face obstacles and fails, but you should overcome them with self-encouragement and resilience from setbacks by putting on the mindset like success is not a straight line; it could be up and down.

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