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Walking with God–Reflection of Jeremiah

God chose Jeremiah to carry out His message to the Israelites, but they did not listen to the warning by Jeremiah because of worshiping Baal. The Bible explained Israelities like, “Israel, unfaithful wife” (Jeremiah 2:23). The wife refers to believers who got married to God upon covenant. So, the thing required of the bride of God is obedience. But, Israelites disobeyed Bridegroom and ignored the voice of God, so, in the end, they were taken away by Babylon. Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed by soldiers and the kingdom of Judah perished but God called the Israelites back to their homeland after 70 years because of His mercy and endured love for His children even though He chastised His children by using the enemy to turn them away from evil.

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