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Walking with God–Numbers 16

The life that dwells in God calls you to separate yourself from unholy persons who are wicked. Also, it means that a holy person is not closer to wickedness and sins. Korah is one of the wicked men who died in the wilderness by God’s punishment.  The Bible says in Numbers 16, “So they got away from around the tents of Korah, Dathan, and Aburam.” As we looked at the previous chapter in Numbers, complaining is one of the characteristics of those who disobey God so we need to avoid complaining because it leads to negative attitudes and perspectives. In the end, plague by God’s wrath has happened around the people who sinned against the Lord and it is a kind of God’s punishment. 

However, a holy person who obeys God’s laws and commandments will live a life that serves God and others as if they regard it their privilege and mission given by God.

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