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The Road to Success—Learn from Tai Lopez

Here are Ten takeaways from Tai Lopez’s ways to success.

First, the mindset of learning is a key element to success so we can learn from our or others’ mistakes. For example, listening is a way to grow when you are humble after feeling fear. Also, you can learn from your failures. Even though there were no lessons in failure, at least you can train yourself to forget bad memories and start again. However, there is no hope if you are unwilling to learn something new, like an old dog. Further, narcissism hinders you from learning from others.

Second, the pain leads you to be successful. The pain allowed people to be disciplined. You could even learn from trauma if you are an adult. 

Third, social media to connect with your customers is a great tool to expand your business. For example, Snapchat is social media to connect young customers.

Fourth, mastering the skill of reprogramming your brain is an excellent momentum to success. You can implant a tremendous big plan called a mega project in your brain.

Fifth, expand your financial knowledge. You have to learn finance if you want to succeed in business and investment.

Sixth, spend time with successful people as long as possible. If no successful people are around you, join the motivated meetings.

Seventh, turn your core work into a habit. Building a new habit is cultivating the core task you should do. In other words, a new habit is made when you familiarize yourself with the new skill.

Eighth, expand your horizons. Traveling to many countries gives insights into expanding our inner world.

Ninth, you should not lose the mindset of the Midas touch. No money is never a problem to be rich.

Tenth, play a winning game. It doesn’t matter if the scale is small, do the work for winning anyway.

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