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The Road to Rich–Learn from R. Kiyosaki

8 Tips for financial success from Robert Kiyosaki

First, raise your capital. This is a process of shifting your financial mindset from using your own money to others’ money. It protects you from laziness. Also, you can raise capital through crowdfunding which is a way of accumulating money from individuals. Therefore, you don’t need money if you know how to raise capital.

Second, think big and take responsibility. Rich mindset never allowed that “I can’t afford it,” because it is just an excuse for not working. Instead, figure out how to solve the problem. The Bible says, “Knock, and the door will be opened to you.”

Third, find the asset. You should keep investigating and focusing on assets that have the potential to increase their value. Then, you can buy the profitable asset, not the liabilities if you find it at last.

Fourth, learn how to invest. Robert said that he invests in what he loves.

Fifth, read newspapers and grab the latest trend and turn it into your business ideas. The ideas from the latest news would be the key to making money.

Sixth, invest in your financial education, which is about how to make money.

Seventh, break up the habit of self-doubt. Don’t forget! Yourself is an agent to make a fortune.

Eighth, learn to sell because it is a key skill to grow your business and boost your score on a financial statement in a financial game.

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