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The Road to Rich—Learn from Robert Kiyosaki(3 Strategies to Win the Market)

The economy is changing very fastly. Then what is rich dad’s strategy to beat the market? Here are three strategies to win the market.

First, invest in financial education because financially prepared people get rich. So, rich people keep learning from financial knowledge that successful people already know.

Second, wait for good timing to invest. The market is not always good, and there exists uncertainty and risks. But wise investors look for good timing, like the biggest opportunity after the depression. Also, they figure out the good segments in real estate even if the market is going down. 

Third, rich people would not follow traditional financial advice because so-called smart people who give the advice could go broke due to their not-broaden knowledge. Also, mutual fund managers try to draw customers to stay in a few stocks despite a market crash. Illiquidity risk would happen when customers invest fully, such as in REITs. So, rich people control their finances.

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