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The Road to Rich—Learn from Bob Proctor(12 tips to go up the high frequency)

The mind consists of conscious and unconscious minds; the brain is essential to drive our future. The created idea by the conscious mind moved into the subconscious mind.

Einstein said, “Everything is energy.” Everything has a frequency. Then, what is the relationship between frequency and success? Every success starts from perceiving the frequency of where you want to go.

First, keep your energy. Your thoughts have a great power to make a result by their energies. 

Second, place your frequency up there where you want to go. Achieving what you desire needs a prerequisite that places your frequency up there.

Third, write down the future you want to be and what you should do to achieve it.

Fourth, get information according to your gut because the ideas bear the results like energy moves around. At last, the proposed knowledge poses things that can act on it.

Fifth, fuse your frequency with related successful people such as mentors.

Sixth, change your paradigm. That is a typical pattern of making money. The results are driven by your belief related to the paradigm matching with the state. 

Seventh, focus on creating values.

Eighth, an attitude that settles the way of thinking about someone or something is the most important value to success.

Ninth, train your brain by putting resources over and over again.

Tenth, use your imagination. Your imagination takes you to a place that leads you to high frequency. Once you perceive the high frequency, it leads to imagination. Next, connect the high frequency to 5 functions—see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. So, you must focus on growing your imagination by staying there with emotion and constant thinking. For example, think about what you want, which makes some new feelings leading to results.

Eleventh, expand your border. For example, communicating with people you have never met is a great way to expand your horizons.

Lastly, be diligent and patient, and you will be successful.

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