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The Road to Rich—21 Tips for Money Making

How to start money-making? Here are tips from Billionaire Grant Cardon.

1. Make a video for selling goods and real estate. 

2. Find out where the money is. Don’t forget money is everywhere.

3. Scale your business. 

4. Grow yourself every day. If you are not growing up, you will go down.

5. Control your thoughts and change your words and speaking. The priority of it never changes. 

6. Keep speaking positively for yourself. Healthy self-talk is critical for your success.

7. Build multiple pipelines in income by businesses.

8. Writing multiple books.

9. Meet as many people as possible as you can. All people you come across daily are your customers. 

10. Make or join a TV show. TV is a great channel to market yourself fastly to tons of customers.

11. Don’t say, “I don’t have time,” meaning you don’t have money.

12. Change your paradigm on money. That means you have to change your mind and way of thinking to make money. For example, it is hard to get a lot of money through a job because getting a job means making some money, a limited one. Play big with a wealthy mindset.

13. You are a creator who creates time and money.

14. Scalp your assets

15. Make affirmation lists

16. Start a coaching session via Youtube.

17. Expand your life abundantly.

18. Discipline yourself. 

19. Don’t be negative. Just have fun.

20. Do traveling. Sometimes you must spend extravagantly on travel if you are passionate about it.

21. Watch the movie a lot; then, you might know patterns of how people are attracted.

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