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The Road to Rich–19 Tips for Successful Life from Grant Cardon

1. Focus on Success

2. Commit to financial knowledge. It helps you deal with the IRS and do the math in making a decision.

3. Dive deep into something related to your core business as much as possible.

4. Be attentive to profitable real estate or dive into the real estate business.

5. Know how to finance from banks.

6. Be confident.

7. Change our perspective

8. To be marketable yourself, you need product and refutation. Your mission as an entrepreneur is to bring great products into the marketplace.

9. Create a life that looks bigger and a new lifestyle than you expected, different from others.

10. Stick to three things, income, success, and nice things.

11. Help other people. Then, think of the next question, “How can I help more people?”

12. Visit the site where you want to go. Whether It is a business trip or traveling for vacation, it teaches you a new environment.

13. Do what you love. Rich life doesn’t regard cost when they are doing what you love.

14. Move to where it is next.

13. Fuel your momentum. If you are tired, your challenge is over.

14. Make a deal.

15. Forget about small benefits such as coupons and points.

16. Play smarter and big.

17. Make the money and keep it and multiply it.

18. Rewire your money mindset from great mentors while removing all bad and negatives from your close family and friends.

19. Distinguish wrong information and the right information

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