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The Road to Rich—17 Lessons from Ray Dalio

Here are my takeaways, “17 lessons from Ray Dalio” from an interview with Ray Dalio in Lewis Howes Show.

1. Learn from the true principles, showing how it works in reality. 

2. Align the feeling with logic

3. Eliminate the killer in your life

4. Just move on even when you are in doubt. Be comforted by ambiguity.

5. Try to make a better decision. Decision-making is a game so that you might get a scorecard.

6. See disagreement with curiosity.

7. Learn from the past because life is a great teacher.

8. Play the role of a mediator in disagreement.

9. Understand the era that is zero interest rates. That takes us into a debt cycle in a broad sense.

10. Look at the emerging new market around the world. In past decades, Dalio had spent much of his time in China researching emerging markets.

11. money making is like playing marshmallow games; waiting for more to look at your score is increasing.

12. Get the ability to make something to be productive.

13. Education is the best gift you can give others 

14. Be a net-positive person. Don’t overspend rather than what you earn. 

15. Diversify your asset because marketing is unending, competing like a zero-sum game. The point of diversification is reducing risks.

16. You must have a game plan before entering the market.

17. Develop your instinct.

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