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The Road to Rich—21 Tips for Presentation.

Here are 21 Tips for Presentation, which I learned from the book, “Presentation S.O.S by Mark Wiskup.

1. How to hook audiences with a few words? Contrary to conventional wisdom, the shocking words could grab the audience’s attention.

2. A little nervousness helps create better talk.

3. Utilize an uncomfortable mind to prepare an excellent presentation.

4. Don’t settle at the good level; move on to the great one.

5. The simple rule is that audience will only listen to you if they think they get something from you.

6. How to connect to the audience? You need to find a way to connect to your audiences. Certainly, the audience will zone out if they are disconnected from you.

7. Control your audience. You need to ask yourself, “How to control the attention span of audiences?”

8. The basic rule is to control yourself first and influence others.

9. Don’t be frightful whether your presentation is perfect because the audience will forget your errors soon. 

10. Stay cool, not in mistakes, and move on.

11. The goal of a presentation is to persuade people.

12. The best strategy is to be direct, strong, and simple.

13. Do storytelling by describing your stories. Storytelling makes your presentation great.  So, change your position from fact-teller to storyteller.

14. Grip the audience.

15. What do you have talents? Focused on your skill. 

16. Develop your picture-painting muscle.

17. Presentation is a kind of performance. Learn it from a professional actor or actress.

18. Using a supporting statement is important.

19. Use action and events instead of numbers and jargon

20. Be confident while talking about your story.

21. Remember that the audience will not wait for you because they have no patience.

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