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The Road to Rich—23 Lessons for Success from Grant Cardon

1. You need a lot of energy for several actions because an action is energy. 

2. Multiply yourself.

3. Get rid of people who do not support you.

4. Think about it—Who got the money? —

5. You didn’t get money because you didn’t know how to do it.

6. Keep asking it—How do I make money?

7. Imitate what rich people do

8. You can learn from everybody

9. Expand your potential and viewpoint with wide windows.

10. Handle rejections.

11. Create it, control it.

12. Focus on the income plan, not how much you pay taxes.

13. You need more people to exchange with you.

14. Build a massive audience and then do your project.

15. Sell something.

16. Find where the money is. 

17. Don’t quit.

18. You must be the best.

19. Find video genius.

20. Get up early and start workout and training.

21. Participate in seminars and study a lot of videos 

22. You have to commit to training yourself.

23. Organize your thinking

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